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The Boycott of The Death Industries

David Aldophus Tull, master 66 energy, prolific writer was found dead hanging from a tree behind a Days Inn Motel in Union City, GA the last week of May 1992 around the same time as The Rodney King Beating.  It was an intense time.  I spent time with David’s body laying on a gurney with the blood, sand, and dirt still on his neck and in his locks in a small storage room of the basement of Seller’s Brothers Funeral home reeking with formaldehyde.

When I arrived his brother in law and another were performing a ritual over his body, I waited until I could go up to it, and remembered the last conversation we had in March where I called him to check in and asking him what he was doing, to which he replied “just sitting here waiting to die”.  I don’t remember my response, we talked a while but I know I did not speak with him after that.
I spoke with his spirit knowing he had not ventured very far by this time and knew that he just did not want to participate with this system any more.  He’d had enough and though in our communications I tried to initiate him in the thought of being Conscious as A Cosmic Citizenship and urged him to make commitments to his destiny for surely he was one who was here to make a difference. 
His anger with the depth and degrees of distortion, dysfunction, disinterest, discontent, dissatisfaction, disenfranchisement, disease, and degradation perpetuated by this system and other governments kept him from being able to see the Light, to realize we still exist in the Presence of and by virtue of the Intelligence of Existence and there is no victory or triumph in wickedness and if anger could not be resolved in Love and Truth, then “the devil” had him.
We stayed with his body for about 45 minutes or so and later I went back to my office and became to emotional to be inside.  I stepped outside without my shoes and walked circles under a full moon, praying, crying, and re-committing my life to glorifying the lineages I represent, and to being able to respond to cries for love, light, wisdom, and hope.
I did not put my shoes back on.  I came back to work and could not focus, could not function.  It was not business as usual.  I was granted a leave of absence, serviced my Volvo and got on the road. 
We went to New York and were there for almost a month.  I was still barefoot, in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Harlem, Long Island, Greenwich Village, but when I got to Jamaica Queens on the subways and walking I realized that Mother Earth is quite large with much dirt, mud, sand, clay etc.  but she is not filthy.
I realized that the filth was the accumulation of waste from the meat, dairy, alcohol, sugar, chewing gum, soda, chocolate, and tobacco and their wrappers and packaging.  As I walked on almost pure glass I thought to myself….this is the refuse the real garbage is “in the people”.  That’s the only thing really “wrong” with our communities is the people are full of the contaminates of what I hence labeled as The Death Industries or The products of The Corporate Deities of Death.
Since 1992 I have been articulating the need for A Boycott of The Death Industries as grassroots community movement because it is through the vast marketing, distribution, overstock, and ridiculously easy access to these addictive, nutritionally deplete and bastardizing products that those who were born to glorify the legacy of the lineages they represent are no longer able to respond in life as Intelligences of Existence, man; the progenitor of lineages of people, and woman; the perpetuator of lineages of people.  The people have digressed to being kind of human as they are perpetrators of their own demise, the poisoning of their children, and the genocide of their lineages.
The people refer to themselves as anything and everything other than the children of God…and those who profess to be children of God and still feed off the flesh of dead animals, the aborted fetuses of chickens, the pus and mucus of cows, artificial colors, flavors, additives, hormones, chemical preservatives, pharmaceuticals, white sugar, sodas, canned foods, microwaved products, alcohol, tobacco, and all other garbage are in compromise with the Integrity of the Spirit and Light of God and therefore are working on behalf of the Corporate Deities of Death or not in true service of and to God and are sick, infirmed, and having serious health concerns and illness.
At some point people must care to do that which benefits themselves and develop the strength of conviction and commitment to be well, to live well, and to be proper example for their children and grand children in avoiding sickness and disease and living fully exalting high ethic, morals, creativity, talent, love, light, community, and peace.
A people who work on behalf of death will soon reap a harvest of death. We have too much of it.  It is time to take control, leadership, and responsibility in saving ourselves, our children, and securing a future for those who have yet to come.

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