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The Methodology of Oppression

When we consider Truth of our individual and collective realities as points
of Intelligence and Presence of The Absolute Presence and Intelligence
of Existence, then we must wonder why there is so much discontent, dissatisfaction, dissidence, dysfunction, distortion, degradation, defamation, destruction, distrust, disdain, disinterest, disobedience, disease, demise and death when we are these points and parts of An Absolute Presence that is
The Absolute Intelligence of Existence. There is no where that it is not, there are no ones that exist except by virtue of Its Presence, there is no being
without it's Intelligence flowing around it, in it, or through it.

The issue that must be addressed is the lack of acknowledgement, appreciation, application, care, consideration, contemplation, compliance, gratitude, honor, obedience, purpose, reliance, respect, reverence, and surrender unto the Intelligence of Existence, the Order of Existence, the
Laws of Existence, the Presence of The Absolute as the totality of All There
Is as Existence Itself, and the relationship of all beings unto It that exists as
a seemingly inherent part of the constitutional make-up of generations of
those who are kind of human and have designated themselves humankind under who's auspices the remnants of humanity are continuously suffering division, distraction, and devastation.

The effect of the spread of imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, democracy, globalization, and the alleged superiority of one race over all others is what
we are witnessing in these times with the extinction of species, the
devastation and pollution of the earth, global warming, nuclear testing, biological, chemical, and unjust warfare, ethnic cleansing, massive incarceration, homicide, suicide, and genocide.

It is futile to try to create law and order from a position of Lawlessness
unto the Whole of Existence, with no love, respect, or regard for the Order
and Intelligence of Existence, with no commitment to the perpetuation of life
and existence Itself on behalf of The Earth and All beings that dwell upon her. Truly if there is one Law that will insure the death and demise of disobedient peoples it is "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Killing has become first, second and third nature to some races and societies of people. That which comes from one
shall definitely come to one. You reap what you sow..as you give so shall
you get.there are many ways to express that particular Law, but there is
no way to escape the justice associated with it.

As lawlessness has been instituted as foundation for every institution taking responsibility for controlling the lives of people, it is for the people themselves to "unplug" from the massive programming towards demise. It is for the people to apply themselves to the Intelligence of life and honor the Intelligence of their own beings to come from under the thumb, hand, foot, and guns of oppression.
As the blatant injustices, criminality, demonality, and outright wickedness of apartheid, Jim Crow, and other overt white supremist tactics of oppression could no longer be tolerated by the oppressed or those with some reality
of humanity, Intelligence, rightness, and righteousness within them, the
objectives of world domination by any means necessary had to take on
more covert methods of oppression.

The methodology of oppression as has been instituted and supported by government, religious, educational, and medical institutions is to oppress
the cellular functioning of the people. Each human has trillions of cells specialized to do the work of its group. The cells are very much affected
by the thought of the being as well as that which is consumed as food, beverage, medicine, drugs, and other substances penetrating the blood
stream of the individual. Every race and nation of people originated in a particular place or on a particular land mass or continent upon the earth,
as each species. That which is ideal food for those of a particular area is also found where the people themselves are found, as is also true for every other species of animal and insect.

We have come to a place where people are no longer receiving the food
that was ideally suited by virtue of the Intelligence of the vegetation and plant life complementing the genetic inheritance of the people. Instead of receiving foods and herbs found abundantly in the places of our origins, people have been generically educated, sublimated, and commercialized to feed profusely off the flesh of dead animals, the aborted fetuses of chickens, the pus and
milk of cows, artificially colored, artificially flavored, artificially sweetened, carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, coffee and other caffeinated drinks, tobacco products, cigarettes, chocolate, white sugar, white breads,
and other nutrient deficient snack foods, and all manners of other cellularly bastardizing things erroneously called "food" or even more oxymoronic, "junk" foods. As long as those who were birthed as "human" beings continue to poison themselves and their children with those things listed and categorized above, there is very little chance that they will ever walk in the fullness of themselves as truly thinking, caring, living, Intelligences of existence. As long
as there are those who labor in behalf of the corporate deities of death in the production, manufacturing, promotion, distribution, marketing, and sales of such garbage and poison the children, women, elders, and men, then there
will be little opportunity for our families, communities, nation, or the individual
to manifest its true greatness, fulfill its inherent purpose, or even be in position to receive the sublime communications, revelations, realizations, guidance,
and protection of the Intelligence of Existence or what some call God.

As long as the cell is oppressed with chemicals, flesh, pus, mucus, bacteria, parasites, viruses and all else that the body becomes host, then know that no amount of education, travel, experience, information, money, access, credibility, fame, or fortune, the process of living is being experienced as a process of toxification, acidification, and bastardization laying foundation for physical, emotional, mental, psychic, and spiritual limitation, sickness, imbalance, impotency, perversion and death.

In a society where teachers, preachers, and priests have become pedophiles, where those who are by birth responsible to "protect" their children have become the rapists, molesters, and abusers; where those entrusted to serve the people through local, state, and federal government have become liars, thieves, and murderers, where those who are supposed to serve and protect the members of the community have become brutal, abrasive, and violent for no reason other than they can; where those who have become some of the wealthiest and most respected "business" persons are in the business of selling poison to children as candy and other junk that undermines their growing bodies with toxins, then know that in each of the hundreds of thousands in dysfunction, degradation, etc. upon close examination of the lifestyle of the family and the food fed to those as children into "adult"hood, very few if any were fed as living Intelligences of an Absolute and Eternal Presence.

Every disease currently known to the present generations of the earth have developed as result of the starvation of the cell, the assault of the cell with substances which are unable to promote healthy cellular functioning by cleansing the cell, nourishing the cell, or regenerating the cell.
We have been bombarded with lies from the meat and dairy industries since the early 1900's on the necessity of having their products in the diet to be balanced and healthy. It was a lie then, it is an even more atrocious lie now, because so many "professionals" know better.

In order for the human being, child, woman, man to function in the fullness of itself as a living, loving, intelligent, and potent point of presence of The Absolute Presence and Its Absolute Reality, it must be nourished according
to that which the body actually needs and can truly utilize. The flesh of dead animals is not that, nor are the pus and mucus of cows, or any of the other things previously articulated.

Therefore, the requirement for healing, wholeness, and reversing the processes and symptoms of disease in our lives is cleansing, purification,
and renewal through a dietary and nutritional daily regimen which will facilitate that. It requires a whole-hearted desire to live in the light of the truth of one's being. It requires a commitment to life, to living, and to no longer supporting
the people and practices that promote disease and death. It requires sincere repentance and desire to be uplifted and to become vital in the upliftment, liberation, and resurrection of the peoples and animals of the earth by truly walking the path of Life, Light, striving consistently for consistency, discipline, and triumph of Love as reality of our lives. Surely, without love manifesting as commitment to Light, truth, and that which is best, people will continue to kill others, themselves, and their children, in the name of love. One cannot truly love without reverence and respect for the lives of other beings.

Freedom and liberation are the desired conditions over oppression, suppression, repression, depression, and being pressed upon. It is not the freedom to eat poison, or to create whatever poison and push it that we
should celebrate. It is the freedom to choose to eat that which is truly
cleansing, nourishing, and revitalizing. Pure water, fruits, herbs, vegetables, sea vegetables, whole grains, and other alkalizing foods are the "foods" we should be consuming. It is the freedom of the Intelligence of our being to function optimally and unobstructed that will bring us the greater rejoicing, prosperity, productivity, creativity, integrity, ethic, and morality. As the methodology of oppression has been to oppress our cellular functioning, then liberation must and can best be facilitated at the cellular level, by cleansing, renewing, regenerating the cell thereby increasing and optimizing cellular functioning and revitalizing the functioning of every gland, organ, and system of the body; reconstituting the blood, feeding the brain, and producing right thought, right action, healthy mentality, and whole spirit.

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